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Awesome Hobbit Costume Ideas For Halloween.

Halloween is a great time for both adults and children to have a lot of fun. Many people start preparing for Halloween weeks before during which, they find a costume for their children. Movie and story themed costumes have become very popular during Halloween. Although some parents like making costumes on their own, you shouldnt worry if you do not have the time or know-how to create your own. Instead, you can buy beautiful costumes such as the hobbit costume which can become a great idea for Halloween with family. 

Alternatively, you can get the lord of the rings costumes for Halloween. These costumes depict different characters from the lord of the rings. Most people know these characters and by adorning their themed costume, you are going to look unique. The characters are very popular both in the books and in the movie and it would be thrilling to wear their costumes. Some of the characters that you should think of include;

Frodo, he is the lead character in the book and is a Hobbit. He is given a ring to destroy by his uncle. The whole story revolves around this ring.

Samwise, also being a Hobbit Samwise is Frodos best friend. He accompanies Frodo in the attempt to destroy the ring.

Gandalf, he is a major character that is widely featured in the Hobbit Costumes. He is a wizard who protects Frodo as he goes on to destroy the ring. At some point in the story, Gandalf dies but later rises back to life. He discovers that the ring was once owned by the evil Sauron and advises Frodo that it is wise to destroy the ring.

Aragorn, he is a king of Rohan and happens to accompany Frodo in his journey. He is featured in many escapades in Frodos the quest to destroy the ring. Aragon gets married at the end of the book.

Legolas, he gets married to Aragon at the end of the book and is a blond elf. She teams up with Aragorn to fight Saurons army. 

Smeagle, as you are looking for the Hobbit costumes, you cannot overlook Smeagle. He was a former Hobbit who found Saurons ring while fishing. He possessed the ring for many years until it changed him into a monster.

It is however important to note that some costumes of the above characters require accessories. For instance, you will need a bow and arrow to complete Legolas costume. Similarly, you will require a ring to complete Smeagles character.


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