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How To Train Your Dog: Some Basic Tips

Pet training is a fascinating subject. Dogs are the most adaptable pet. They are not only intelligent but can be trained to do a whole lot of things. Starting from being just a playful companion it can become a FBI cop too! In fact, dog training dates back to the age when the Romans ruled. Like a human child, a dog learns from the interaction it has with its environment. First of all your puppy should feel at home and be a part of the family. This is very much important if you want your dog to listen to you and adapt to different trainings. Following points may be considered in this aspect:

1. Be consistent: Before you bring home your dog you should decide what he can and cannot do. What are the area of your home in which he is allowed and what the restricted zones are? Are you going to allow him on your bed? Will he have a separate bed? Is he going to dine with you? Will he have a separate chair at the table? You have to be strict with these disciplines. Mixed signals or allowance will confuse your dog and training him will be difficult. Take note whether all your 2. Choice of names: Always choose a short name ending with a strong consonant for your dog. A name with a strong ending like Alex, Tommy, Jack perks up puppy ears. Try to teach him to respond and come to you when he is called. 3. Behave like a master: Your dog should follow your commands. Call him by his names repeatedly. He will respond. Give him bribes in the form of cookies, chocolate when he does so. 4. Make him understand good and bad behavior: Reward your dog's good conduct with toys, treats, love, or heaps of praise. Never reward his bad behavior and do not allow any other member of your family to do so. Again it will create mixed signals and will spoil your effort of training your dog. 5. Create his den: He should have private room or a sleeping place. Make his crate or den comfortable. He should be able to relax there. Put a ticking clock near his sleeping area. This is known to calm canines. Teach him to sleep there. 6. Control his super excited greetings: Jumping up and down vehemently is a common form by which puppies usually greet his owner.

This is regarded as a form of indiscipline in dogs. A well-trained dog should be in proper control of himself. Ignore this jumping up behavior. Do not rebuke. Just do not give any positive reinforcement. This will discourage him to do so in future. Consistent repetition and patience are required to reinforce any sort of training on an animal. And do not forget to love and caress him after he has done something good. Physical contact is important to build relations.

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